Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The State of Things

             Easiest thing in the world is to think, we all do it everyday, consciously or not-so-consciously.  Hardest thing can be to distill that ethereal miasma that inhabits our mental landscapes into the concrete building blocks we call words.   I'm horrible at it myself, which is why I often stare at this blank blog page and will the words to form without my active involvement in the process.  Hasn't happened yet, and probably will never happen, which in and of itself is a good thing.  

            Out there where you all are at, some of you have obviously decided this blog is worthy of a revisit, whether it's because i have had a fleeting moment of brilliance by choosing to be a Terry McDermott fan or my wistful meanderings have caught your brief attention.    So you're back wondering what else this blog writer has to say to her random readers. 
           You've stumbled on the blog of a quirky, but relatively uninteresting person.  It's been a lifelong habit of mine to observe others, without attracting to much attention to myself.  I get people in general, but sometimes think others find me to be a bit of an anomaly.    Hahaha.. join the club! 

             Some of you know I started working this week,  housecleaning for a shut-in.  Her name is Dorothy, and she actually a retired nurse who became incapacitated through a series of accidents that were not her fault.  She has a fountain of knowledge and   connections to places and people which astounds me at times.  It's fascinating how you can meet someone living in relative inconspicuousness that has so much history.  At least I think it is.. ( continued later)

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