Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'll start right out by stating I have no know Jewish roots.. and yet as a follower of Yeshua(Jesus), it is obvious he WAS a Jew and bible sources speak of his being in Jerusalem for feasts..iow he was recorded as not only a Jew but an observant Jew at that.. some of Jewish heritage will be offended by some of what I write but I hope they will give me leeway due to the fact I have supported Israel's statehood and right to peaceful self-government at the cost of friends and family's good opinion of myself..
A few days ago I watched with interest the proceedings at the UN.. as a Canadian I was very supportive of our foreign minister's decision to walk out before Mr. Ahminejad began to speak. My impression of Mr. Netyanyahu's speech is that it is one that will most likely go down as one of the great speeches of the modern age. He spoke as a seasoned statesman who has cogitated a great deal about the issues that were focal to this UN Assembly and I think he gave Israel a boost on the world stage. I am including a link to Robert Mackey's blog in the New York times.. it is quite insightful I think. .

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