Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November snow

I knew when I started I would tend to be very hit and miss with blogging, mostly this comes from a certainty that not much of what I type will really interest/entertain anyone.. haha I can get really honest, maybe a tad negative easily about my life. I don't usually suffer from vanity, usually the opposite.

Since I wrote last, we've gone through two months of homeschooling. I listed our interest in observing the Jewish feasts on my homeschool documentation that I fill out in September. I think she listed it under multicultural activities/studies. Homeschooling can be like that, it can take a family's pursuits and interests and turn them into academic fields of study, if you will.

I'm a woman of varied interests.. and I guess if I could use one quote that would define me, it would likely be something like "know thyself" or "to thine own self be true" haha cheesy for sure but at the same time I am not one who pretends easily or hides what I think very well.. not to say I'm obnoxious or rude.. at least I hope I'm not.. but at the same time I seem to need to bring everything to it's purest form..

Like everyone else.. I've heard about the shootings at Fort Hood.. I guess I'm like everyone else too in that I am highly curious about who this man is and what triggered this incident with him.. I categorically believe it was mostly motivated by his devotion to Islam, yet the whys and wherefores are a mystery to me.. anyone who shouts "Allah Akhbar" while shooting others leaves the rest of us in little doubt as to his intentions and basic motives.. and yet why now?? I am sure there are many on the base who will take time to thank the policewoman who took him down and possibly prevented a bigger bloodshed than what occurred..

take care peeps..

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