Saturday, November 28, 2009


Weekends.. Gotta love them! I have been trying to observe Shabbat in my own small way(no, I'm not Jewish).. I find there's a rhythm to doing this.. at first you can't believe you can spare a day to just basically do nothing that seems productive.. but I'm finding that I put a little more effort now into weekday stuff, and I just think, if I do this effectively enough, Shabbat can be quiet time, with a sense of completion.. I know there's things we can't avoid being committed to.. but hey, Jesus did say if the donkey fell into the hole, GO GET IT OUT, SILLY!! haha.. that's my version of that!

yesterday was tough, I guess this is the end of ignoring some problems, and the beginning of stepping in as a seasoned adult.. I hope! my oldest son is struggling with addictions.. well, he phoned me yesterday and we had an emotional phone call.. I tried to not get emotional but how do you not?? I hope I didn't scare him off, I think he got a lot of comfort out of it..

I've been really blessed to have a homeschooling group, it's been amazing, but I think a lot of the families are starting to transition their life for various reasons, bottom line.. I may not have a group next year possibly.. at least I will have to find other ways to do this.. in some ways it may be a blessing in disguise.. I have always been the only adult who can teach high school sciences and maths, and while this ensured that there would be a group there because the other parents needed my teaching help-- the drawback was always that it took more time than teaching my own would have.. at least it seems that way...

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