Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grey Cup 2009, and other happenings

Well, as I sit here tonight, I am still trying to absorb the blow incurred by my beloved Saskatchewan Roughrider's loss of the Grey Cup 2009, to the Montreal Alouettes. It was in the bag, seemingly, the fans were already celebrating, and wham!! defeat descended from above with the swiftness of a lightning bolt!! gee, I must have suffered at some level, I can even wax poetic about the darn thing!!
I've been to Edmonton this week, in regards to my daughter's broken leg, showed up for a follow up visit and a conference with the surgeon who put her screw and plate in.. looks like we won't be going back to the Stollery, just local to get a cast removed and some physio to help her hitting the ground running.. all puns intended I guess :P lol..
I'm seeing God doing amazing things on a personal level.. seems like even in the midst of the storms I hear His Still Small Voice saying, you go, girl!!! not only called, but chosen.. dangerous place to be, but also a very BLESSED place as well!!!
looking forward to our own private family observance of Hanukkah, in all these feasts and observances of Judaism, there's all kinds of impact levels, world, community, local body of believers, family and most importantly possibly, personal.. what He does, He does not only to all, but to each individual.. and the one is as important to Him as the other..
well... on my way out the door to do some private tutoring tonight.. be blessed, peeps!!!

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