Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Sheep Hear His Voice

Wow, I'm sure you all realize that there's something going on on a level that's unprecedented in human history. We are living in days that no-one has ever been involved in before. I don't think any of you can say that life is the same as it's always been, that there isn't something significant taking place under the surface of ordinary, everyday global life. You've noticed it, even though you all try to ignore the implications, and what it all will mean to you personally in the future. I don't pretend to be some weird seer that knows more than you do because I'm special.. all I am is someone who has dedicated my life to looking at things differently than most people.
I underwent some life-changing experiences in my teens, I am a witness to what occurred simply because I was there!!
It's funny how I watch things occur, and I think, Wow.. that's so amazing.. and I file it according to the pattern I've been constructing inside myself, and then I watch the "news" and they have a total different take on what occurred.. I guess I'm telling you to step back, find a new way to get information, BE JUST a LITTLE MORE SKEPTICAL about what you're hearing through the normal media channels!!!
I keep thinking it can't be that hard to find the path I'm on.. I'm only a normal average person of limited finances.. but I meet very few who have been on my journey.. are you going to end your life without ever having stepped off the treadmill?? I'm talking about a place where sometimes it seems like you've risked everything for nothing.. and in some ways, even the prospect of losing everything doesn't really matter .. I LOVE LIFE don't get me wrong, I'm not a nihilist or a defeatist, or some existentialist!! but I think my definition of what LIFE is would differ from most people's!!
God has a purpose and a plan for you!! never doubt it.. never doubt His LOVE for you.. and the greatest evidence of it is Jesus!!!! take care peeps//

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