Friday, December 25, 2009

Post Christmas

Well, I'm feeling a LOT of relief that 99% of the holiday bustle is over for another year. It's honestly the kind of stuff I get dragged into kicking and screaming.. seriously. I don't exactly get it, and I doubt I ever will. I mean, I'm an absolutely 100% dedicated follower of the Lord Jesus, but this social whirlwind that happens is so superficial.. but hey, maybe I'm just anti-social..
what amazes me is the amount of work some women put into this.. I just can't get that energetic and/or organized with my time and money..
I'm a social causes type person, which is why the case of Rifqa Bary is pretty big on my radar screen these last few weeks.. there's been a lot of media mis-information and if you wonder what I base that on, it's the fact that one of Rifqa's associates has been a close friend on Facebook for almost 2 years. I'm not hearing info from some random source that I don't have a read on, this is someone I have an understanding of. So when they validate Rifqa's concerns, I take it seriously.

Here in my house, we're enjoying the break from school work and routine, we saw the kids granparents on the weekend.. my mother in law had a 90th birthday party!!! festivities, food, and family, what more can you ask, AND we connected with a cousin that has recently come to the LORD, got baptized and is so excited to have found peace with God!!

well.. not much else I can think of.. take care peeps!!

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