Monday, December 28, 2009

What I'm thinking about tonight 2

I've sort of been looking forward to seeing Avatar.. I think we all wanted to see what James Cameron has been working on since Titanic, and getting enough teasers about the 3D cinematography to whet our appetites.. after all the buildup I can't believe I'm considering NOT going. Now that I found out a main subplot/theme is our obscene wastage of resources that puts us in the desperate situation of having to wipe out an alien population to save ourselves..
I guess in a way it's a brilliant reversal of War of the Worlds type mentality where we're defending ourselves against THEM.. but I'm surprised at the green premise... if I do go see it I'll let you know if I'm any less or more impressed than I am at this moment..

been reading a book on the development of cities during the Victorian era.. social causes, industrial progress, population shifts.. we take cities so much for granted, odd to think of a world without them.. what I love is the photoblogs that focus on abandoned areas.. or just unusual aspects of the city..

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