Monday, November 23, 2009

What I'm thinking about tonight..

I'm a little weary.. first of all, we might be facing bankruptcy--- at best, we've put forth a proposal to pay 25% of the debt load we carry.. our biggest creditor is a personal line of credit mostly.. oh my goodness, the day we were in filing our paperwork.. I stupidly scratched the door of the car next to us.. just opening my door.. I didn't fling it or get violent.. I still am shocked that I scratched the paint job!!! How does that happen???!? have to go to the city again in less than a week.. this time driving myself and my two daughters.. a 2:00pm appt.. that may take most of the day as it's a long drive.. part of something God is doing to make me step out could be.. but don't we hate those times when HE does that??
I find fear gets a hold of me quickly sometimes.. I think I'm facing some health issues that could severely limit how much I can physically care for my family.. it's a daunting prospect .. we're not very financially stable as it is.. it will take much of God's Power to take us through.. problem with fear is how it paralyzes you and takes your energy away.. and you feel powerless to get rid of it..
I made a connection with a small community based group that meets twice a month for fellowship on a Saturday night.. I am believing it will be a source of encouragement and a place I can share my faith and my journey..
December promises to be busy even though I am not a holiday type person AT ALL.. still there are obligations you can't ignore..
so all that to say.. I'm in the trenches for sure.. as are most of my readers.. and I still have a hope and faith and joy that is there even in the darkest of places.. take care peeps..

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