Friday, February 22, 2013

PICTURES! Lyrics POSTED here!! (Brand New Release by Terry McDermott!)

    Last night I was on Twitter, just chatting with friends I've made through the Voice last fall. Suddenly I realized that Terry McDermott of Voice fame, had unexpectedly posted a link to his newly released song "Pictures".   Immediately  it  became an exciting night, as it usually is when all the McHobbits are excited and retweeting the SHIP out of Terry's tweets(that's an inside joke!)

   The song is a beautiful sparkling clear one, lots of beautiful counter-melodies running over and through.  REALLY hope someone will find  it  from here ===========================><====================== and become of a fan of this inspiring artist!!!!!

     Terry is excited and busy working on a new project!!  Watch my blog for further details or just follow Terry himself on Twitter @TerryMacMusic!!  He deserves a million plus listens of this song!!!!

A Shoutout for any McHobbits ... as you can see  I've posted the lyrics up!!

Fade, you fade out to night
Taking me to that place, each and every time
The memories call, like a voice in the air

Bridge—  And every time I hear it I see you again
Always out of reach cause you’re only in my head

Bare feet sunning on the dashboard
Hearts racing on the back roads
I got pictures of you in my mind
Killing me slowly that you’re not around
Heart left feeling like a ghost town
I got pictures of you in my mind

Oh, I wonder where you are tonight
Do the tears still fall? Am I kept out of sight?

2nd Bridge— When I’m dreaming, I run, run, run to be with you again
But you’re always out of reach, cause it’s only in my head

(Chorus repeated)

3rd Bridge —How did I get feeling so low? The pictures fade but they won’t let me go..
(Chorus repeated)


  1. thanks!
    These lyrics are beautifull!

  2. I think so too! As a follow up, Terry's song 'Pictures' is now available at ITunes or Amazon. I'm in Canada and I can buy it on my Itunes, hope this isn't a problem in your region! Thanks for reading and for your kind words!